Every business today needs one essential piece of kit: a crystal ball.
If you could predict the future, risk and waste would be avoided. You wouldn’t need to apply guesswork as to what your prospects or existing customers are thinking; business operations would undoubtedly run very smoothly.

I’m not here to show you how to predict the future, but to explain the next best thing: predictive analytics, leveraging big data.
When predictive analytics is applied to ‘big data’, you can almost see into the future…

Unpicking the Buzzwords

Clear of buzz and jargon, here are my definitions of the two terms:

Big data refers to the eternal galaxy of recordable raw numbers and stats generated every second of each day by all devices, whether online (typically the case) or offline (prior to digital storage for utilisation).
Data is constantly accumulated by intelligence agencies, data centres and businesses in the digital age and has been for many years. Every web page session, app load, product sale, instant message and each shake of a wearable device…literally all digitally-recordable actions we take create footprints. The collective term of which, is known as big data.
You could refer to your own website visits as data. But all metrics of every single website in your industry would be classed as big data.

Sam Hurley
About the Author
Sam Hurley is a lateral-thinking digital marketer holding solid experience in both agency and client-side settings. He is the Founder of Digital Consultancy venture: OPTIM-EYEZ. He has achieved success for SMEs, national to international blue chip organizations while being ranked as the world’s #1 digital influencer by Webinale and #2 most influential digital marketer by Onalytica. He was also commended as one of the top 3 content marketing influencers of 2016 by ScribbleLive. Catch him on Twitter and LinkedIn for cosmic amounts of helpful material on entrepreneurship and marketing!

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