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Unique features

Sparklane is the most powerful sales prospecting solution on the market.

Discover 7 unique features:



Create your target in 3 clicks

Create your target in 3 clicks and visualize your addressable market, from the most comprehensive company database on the market.

Define the criteria to use yourself (Firmographic, technological, or import your own business criteria), or let the Sparklane AI identify your territory from your sales history.

The Sparklane + : More than 40 off-the-shelf targeting criteria and importable custom criteria

Lists & recommendations

Identify your future customers at a glance

Your addressable market is made up of thousands of companies. Where to start ?
Sparklane recommends you daily the best companies to address based on their news.

The Sparklane + : Over 3M unique business signals captured and analyzed per year. Detailed account pages. Categorize your accounts based on the actions you choose to take








Stop wasting time looking for contact details

Retrieve the mobile numbers and professional emails of your prospects in 1 click, among more than 600 million contacts worldwide.

Sparklane also allows you to enrich contacts details in bulk. Define the personas you are targeting, tell Sparklane the volume of contacts you want, and let the technology do the rest!

With Sparklane, you benefit from the strike force of some 20 partner suppliers for ever more completeness, 100% respectful of GDPR regulations.

The Sparklane + : The best contact coverage on the market with +600 million accessible contacts

Commercial watch

Receive alerts on your accounts

Every day we monitor all the news of your accounts according to the business signals that you select.

Save time and be more efficient: Monitor your strategic accounts and be notified as soon as an event that interests you occurs.

The Sparklane + : Every morning, an email with the list of the hottest accounts

Engagement contextualisé

Email templates

Break the ice effectively with personalized email templates

Break the ice with a personalized and impactful message using our email templates generated from the context of your prospect.

Sparklane connects with your marketing automation solution.

The Sparklane + : Messages that take into account business signals

Bulk enrichment

The best ally for your multichannel marketing campaigns

All the information to engage your prospects, available in 3 clicks:

  • Define the market(s) you are targeting with precision thanks to targeting criteria and business signals.
  • Indicate the personas sought as well as the volume of contacts desired
  • Retrieve the volume of contact details requested, exportable, usable and 100% GDPR compliant

The Sparklane + : A database of more than 600 million contacts, and connectors with your CRM and your marketing/sales automation tools





Closely follow the activity of your teams

Closely monitor the prospecting activity of your sales teams with a comprehensive dashboard.

Lead processing, enrichment of contact details, conversion rate… all the information accessible at a glance.

Manage the allocation of your licenses and contact credits in a few clicks.

The Sparklane + : Close monitoring of change management and ROI


They integrate perfectly with Sparklane


We save a considerable amount of time. Sparklane allows us to refine our prospect targeting and better organize our sales strategy.

Sarah F. Marketing Leader


The quality of the data provided and the connection with our CRM allow us to save precious time!

Why Sparklane is unique

  • Sparklane
    The most accurate data coverage for France and Western Europe

Sparklane has all the company information on all the companies present in the territories covered. (France, England, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Spain).

The technology developed by Sparklane capable of reading, understanding, interpreting and classifying all information on the public web makes it possible to capture more than 3 million unique business signals each year.

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  • Sparklane
    100% RGPD compliance
    100% french

Sparklane meets the strictest data protection standards. We only handle public information, or acquired under license, and only provide professional information.

Sparklane is a 100% French company, which imagines, designs, develops, and maintains its solutions in France, and hosts them in Europe in compliance with standards and regulations in terms of security.


  • Sparklane
    Integration of business and market data into targeting

Sparklane allows you to integrate tailor-made business data into your targeting.
Target your prospects based on information such as their technology base, their export volume by country, their gas connection, the state of their car fleet, the surface area of their offices, the end date of their lease or even the weather report…

Sparklane helps you to get the most out of your business history and recommends prospects who resemble your existing customers (Look-alike).


  • Sparklane
    Tailor-made support for you and your teams

With Sparklane, you are never alone.
A project manager and a dedicated account manager support and advise you throughout your use of the solution.

We facilitate onboarding with a simple and intuitive e-learning module.

Regular follow-up points with your project manager allow you to measure your commercial performance and its evolution, and our support teams are based in France and available every day.


+28 million

of companies covered in Europe

+600 million

contacts available worldwide

+3 million

unique business signals captured each year

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