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White paper: How sales intelligence is transforming B2B sales

To say that the sales industry has changed is somewhat of an understatement. Before the rise of the Internet through to the 2020 horizon, the changes have been incredible and there is no end of changes to come. These developments will accelerate even further with even more sophisticated Big Data tools and predictive analysis coming to sales teams, and the quiet revolution with begin.

Sales Intelligence makes the transformation simple

Sales Intelligence has become essential because it closely answers the profound changes in the practice and nature of the sales and marketing roles. 

In its 2015 report on sales effectiveness and Big Data, IDC found that 47% of businesses had already implemented integrated sales processes around Big Data. But there are still nearly 50% of businesses who are using bespoke or opportunistic methods. A 2015 study conducted by BARC found far lower penetration numbers (25% and 23% respectively for marketing and sales departments).

The scale of change is considerable and the transformation of the sales profession which is being led by Big Data and predictive analysis is just beginning.

This is the subject of Sparklane’s new white paper.


Discover an excerpt from the white paper: “How sales intelligence is transforming B2B sales”



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