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[Infographic] Increase your revenue with Account-Based Sales Development!


In a simple and educational way, an infographic on the blog of American company Sales Loft presents Account-Based Sales Development, a new commercial approach that is fashionable in the United States.

What is this approach? It’s a new way of doing business, a new strategy for generating leads. In fact, the old lead-generation models are now reaching their limits; cold calling is exhausting for sales people and doesn’t work (see our previous article on this subject, Reconciling B2B salespeople with phone prospecting). Equally, bulk emailing is running out of steam, with marketers and sales people preferring to use more targeted approaches with a more efficient ROI.

The cause of these changes is that, in the buyer/seller relationship, the power has shifted to the buyer. In light of the digital revolution and the increase in sources of information, particularly thanks to the web, the buyer is increasingly educated about the solutions available in their market and increasingly demanding vis-à-vis their sales contacts.

So this is the challenge for B2B salespeople: to offer a personalised client approach that is sincere, professional, and brings real added value to the future buyer. It has to be practically custom-made. It’s in this framework that Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) now comes into play.

So here is a very useful infographic for understanding how you can increase your revenue by applying ABSD methods.





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