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Infographic | How to improve your B2B prospecting?

The key to generating higher turnover and developing a company is an effective sales process. But how do you become more effective? What parameters should you know?
A very comprehensive infographic, recently published by Kissmetrics, details the levers necessary to optimise B2B prospecting: “The Data behind what makes an effective sales process”.

This infographic is structured around four key ideas that are worth remembering:

Lead response time must be as fast as possible.

This amounts to following the old saying “strike when the iron is hot.” According to Kissmetrics, you are 7 times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with your lead if you respond to their request within an hour. However, only 37% of companies are this responsive. So, be responsive to make a difference. If you need convincing, the study shows that between 35% and 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds to the lead’s request first.

Lead nurturing is a key factor in successful sales.

79% of B2B leads never convert into clients. Why? Because they have not been nurtured! The Kissmetrics study shows in particular that lead nurturing can, on average, generate 35% more leads for sales people. In addition, companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more “hot” leads (i.e. sales ready leads) for 33% lower cost per lead. The best way to undertake lead nurturing is to use a Marketing Automation solution.

Identify and recruit the best sales people.

In fact, statistically speaking, 13% of sales people generate 87% of a company’s turnover. The Kissmetrics infographic provides you with the main personality traits identified in the top ranking sales people. Among these, modesty, conscientiousness and curiosity are essential qualities. The best people are 205% more efficient at qualifying leads, and the most able to rapidly access the key decision makers and contacts within leads’ organisations.

Sales and marketing must work together.

partnership in place generate 25% more turnover. In addition, they have 57% more efficient sales people, and improve their win rate by 15%.


All the details of the infographic can be found below:

Infographic: How to improve your B2B prospecting


All the details of the infographic can be found here



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