IBM’s latest developments to its Watson super-computer demonstrate year on year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to play an increasingly dominant role in how our companies operate in coming years.

From a business perspective, the question is no longer whether AI has a place in the sales process, but rather: will sales departments be able to integrate it fully into their sales force operations?

Sales for Life , a US firm specialising in B2B sales, addressed this question by publishing an infographic entitled “Where Human and Machine Meet: the Awakening of AI in Sales” on its website. Not only does the infographic spotlight AI’s rise to power in the world of sales, it also suggests best practice for enabling sales managers to maximise its efficiency without compromising the integrity of their sales teams.

Quoting a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review , Sales for Life reports the results that companies who have already implemented Artificial Intelligence technologies have seen:

  • Growth of over 50% in the volume of leads generated and appointments made
  • Average cost reductions of 40-60%
  • A reduction of 60-70% in telephone prospecting call time

A few figures in this infographic stand out:

  • By 2020, 85% of buyers’ customer relationships with an enterprise will be conducted without interacting with a human
  • 75% of buyers prefer to buy online rather than via a salesperson
  • 85% of all sales activities can already be automated

You can find the Sales for Life infographic below:

Artificial Intelligence is the future of B2B sales