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Back in Geometry, one of the statements we’d use was “necessary but not sufficient”.  It was a condition required for a statement to be true, but it was not the only condition required.  For example, saying a polygon has four sides (i.e. it is a quadrilateral) is a necessary condition for it to be a square, rectangle, rhomboid, trapezium, kite, or parallelogram.  You knew that if the shape did not have four sides, it wasn’t one of the sub-categories of quadrilaterals.  Thus, being a quadrilateral was a necessary but not sufficient condition for a polygon to be a square, rectangle, etc.

A quick refresher on Quadrilaterals (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
I would make a similar statement about LinkedIn and social selling success.  LinkedIn is a necessary but not sufficient solution for social selling success.It happens to be a wonderful tool.  For nearly a decade, I’ve been saying that every sales rep should be using LinkedIn.  Not using LinkedIn is B2B sales malpractice.  I use LinkedIn every day as part of my job as an independent consultant, and it is invaluable to me for sales, marketing, and research.  No other service comes close in coverage, quality, or depth concerning the 467 million self-maintained global executive profiles found in LinkedIn.  Likewise, nobody else provides a professional social networking tool that compares to LinkedIn.  The value that LinkedIn creates for its member base is so high that Microsoft just paid $26.2 billion to acquire the company.
Michael Levy
About the Author
Michael R. Levy, former Manager of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence of Infogroup, is the principal of GZ Consulting, a US market research and competitive intelligence consulting firm. He focuses on information services including sales intelligence, CRM, data hygiene, and marketing automation. Michael is also the author of "2017 Field Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors".

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