We’ve already talked to you on this blog about the famous Forrester report, “ Death of a B2B Salesman ”, which announces that no fewer than 1 million B2B salespeople will lose their jobs in the United States by 2020.

This anticipated decrease in B2B salespeople, who are predicted to be hurt by the competition from new digital technologies, has also been dealt with brilliantly on this blog by Yann Gourvennec, in his article: « How Big Data will shake up B2B sales”.

Forrester Research and Yann Gourvennec both recommend that salespeople adapt to this technological revolution in their profession. If they don’t, they are likely to disappear.

As this blog is also a place conducive to debate, today we’d like to show you an infographic that tempers this somewhat alarmist vision. Called “ The resurrection of the B2B salesman ”, it was recently published by Canadian sales training agency Sales for Life and has a more optimistic spin on things.

Like Winston Churchill, this infographic conveys the following message: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. It suggests new ways in which sales directors can revamp their teams to help them adapt quickly to the digital revolution currently underway in their profession.

The essential message is that salespeople must evolve to focus on providing a real advisory role vis-à-vis their clients and prospects. In this way, they will remain at the forefront of the B2B sales of the future.

Furthermore, B2B buyers are increasingly focused on digital. Accordingly, it is up to B2B marketing and to sales departments to offer their sales team a “digital reboot” using the relevant solutions. In fact, if they wish to remain operational, marketers and salespeople really must align themselves with the changes being made by buyers.


You can see “ The resurrection of the B2B salesman ” infographic below :

Infographic: The resurrection of the B2B salesman