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Xavier Benoist

Deputy CEO

Customer study | Xavier Benoist Babilou

How Babilou improved their sales productivity

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Tell us a little about your company and what it does…

The Babilou group has 4,500 employees in Europe and Dubai, 300 of whom work at our headquarters in Paris. We have some 300 corporate nurseries in France and fifty overseas. Babilou operates in three main areas of business:

  • Setting up and managing corporate nurseries.
  • Support for businesses to set up nurseries for their employees.
  • Managing a network of partners for our nurseries (1001 nurseries) which means we can offer clients over 1000 inter-company nurseries in total.

What did your business look like before you started using Sparklane?

Babilou works mainly BtoB. We have 1,000 clients in France, including 800 businesses and 200 local authorities. We are constantly expanding with 30 new nurseries opening every year. To grow this expansion we are constantly in the market for new business opportunities and we were searching for a way of sourcing qualified leads.

Why Sparklane?

SMES with a workforce of around 500 comprise around 80% of our target market. When you look for information about this type of business, you can find quantity but the quality of information is very poor. The issue we faced was to get a solution that would steer our sales teams towards the most relevant information for these companies. The Sparklane solution seemed to us the best way of achieving this.

How do you use it at Babilou?

Today, we use a great deal the notification system that the Sparklane solution provides. It enables us to get relevant information about each of our target companies almost in real time. This allows our sales teams to focus their activities much more effectively. In our line of business, freshness of information and having relevant contacts are how we can develop business opportunities.

What are the benefits for you?

The first noteworthy benefit for us it the freshness of the information sent to the sales teams. It’s a huge time-saver in terms of retrieving this information which means greater responsiveness with our leads and a real increase in sales productivity. Moreover, both for the sales teams and management, the back-office savings are also considerable.

How do you see yourself working with Sparklane in the future?

The future is bright. We are a high growth company. This year we doubled our mid-market sales team. So we are ordering more Sparklane licenses for our new sales representatives.

Another point to highlight is the quality of Sparklane’s after-sales service. This means that we can respond quickly to anyone using the solution and the client.

Finally, we are considering integrating Sparklane in our CRM to further improve our market responsiveness to our market.

Finally, how would you sum up the Sparklane solution?

I would say: Relevant information and an ergonomic interface