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Peter Ball

Sales Director
Alema Conseil

Témoignage client | Peter Ball Alema Conseil

A better conversion rate thanks to business triggers

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Greater control over the sales process was needed.

Alema Conseil is an SAP consultancy firm. Until 2013 Alema Conseil had based its business strategy on the SAP partner network. From 2013, with the launch of their service centre and their new Live System Support service, Peter Ball wanted to adopt a solution that would allow the company to handle market development more effectively.

A real benefit for effective marketing

Adopting the Sparklane solution has been a real plus for Alema Conseil’s sales team. Thanks to this tool, sales representatives are able to better qualify their customer databases, identify decision-makers and key people to contact within their target companies.

They also use the information provided to contextualize their marketing campaigns. Having relevant and up-to-date information on the issues affecting their leads enables them to be far better prepared for sales appointments and increases their conversion rate significantly.

Soon to be integrated in their CRM software

Alema Conseil is soon to adopt CRM software. The company wants to incorporate the Sparklane solution in its CRM, using the Sparklane API connector, to gain direct access to information about its market via this interface. This will enable sales representatives to access all the data on their leads directly via their CRM and so further improve their business performance.