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Olivier Zuratas

Demand Generation Manager – Western Europe

Témoignage Olivier Zuratas Arkadin

How Arkadin doubled their qualified leads

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Arkadin is a B2B services company and the leader in the field of collaborative and unified communications solutions. Created in 2001, it now turns over 250 million euros and has 40,000 clients in 35 countries. In this video, Olivier Zuratas, Demand Generation Manager for Western Europe, gives us his feedback on the Sparklane for Marketing solution.

A requirement for quality data in order to reach a high-performing deliverability rate

Before acquiring Sparklane for Marketing, Arkadin had to deal with low deliverability rates, of around 50-60%, across its e-mail marketing campaigns. This was in particular due to the mainly perfectible quality of data used. It was therefore necessary to act quickly to resolve these problems and improve opening rates, click rates and conversion rates.

The choice of Sparklane’s expertise

Arkadin thus started looking for a solution that would enable it to reach satisfactory performance levels. Several marketing professionals recommended Sparklane.

In the first instance, Sparklane’s experts audited Arkadin’s database. At the end of this phase, which lasted 6 weeks, Arkadin was able to ‘siretise’* 8,500 companies and enrich more than 6,000 of these with over 30,000 new contacts, made up exclusively of the business units representing their core target.

*meaning to link a French ‘SIRET’ business identification number to a business so as to organise a company and contact database

Usage of Sparklane data in Oracle Eloqua

Arkadin is equipped with the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation solution for undertaking complex lead nurturing campaigns. Nevertheless, such a solution, which is very powerful, can only work correctly with data of impeccable quality. Thus, each month, Sparklane updates Arkadin’s 30,000 contacts in Eloqua. This updating system is very valuable, because over 12 months, it’s not 30,000 but ultimately 50,000 contacts that are thus used, giving Arkadin an optimal coverage of its market.

Convincing and quantified benefits

Since the beginning of the year, in the space of 6 months, Sparklane has enabled Arkadin to address more than 200,000 e-mails with a deliverability rate of 95%, and to double its click and conversion rates. Thanks to this high-quality data, Arkadin has thus been able to generate over 300 qualified leads, with a portfolio of opportunities valued at 400,000 euros, representing twice as much as the previous semester.

Two reinforced areas of collaboration in the near future

In view of the good results obtained with Sparklane for Marketing, Arkadin now intends to rapidly equip its sales teams with Sparklane for Sales, a Sales Intelligence solution for facilitating its sales people’s prospection. At the same time, in terms of marketing, Arkadin will continue to invest in Sparklane for Marketing in order to enrich its data and to have even more accurate targeting capacities in its core market.

Sparklane for Marketing: simplicity and performance

Ultimately, Sparklane for Marketing is a simple and intuitive tool, which is easy to use for marketers who need to be agile in terms of the campaigns they’re running. In addition, performance is obtained. The promise has been kept, with high-quality data and excellent deliverability rates.