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Nicolas Weinachter

Data & Targeting Manager
Bouygues Telecom

How does Bouygues Telecom improve the ROI of their campaigns

logo Bouygues Telecom

Tell us about your company and what you do

Since 1997, Bouygues Telecom has had a business dedicated to working with companies and professionals. Having created the first corporate bundle for landlines and mobiles and the first unlimited 24/7 contract, Bouygues Telecom Enterprises now offers landline, mobile, internet, network and cloud solutions, turnkey ‘machine to machine’ products in sectors that include energy, transport and security. Bouygues Telecom is trusted by 1.5 million professionals and businesses all over France. In Paris and the provinces, Bouygues Telecom Enterprises’ 900 employees help their clients to choose, install and monitor their telecoms and IT solutions. They work with over 70 approved distributors across the country.

In the Bouygues Telecom Entreprises operational marketing team, I’m responsible for databases and targeting. I ensure that data is consistent and kept up to date and I carry out targeting for direct marketing campaigns.

How do you use the marketing database day-to-day? What are your needs and expectations here?

Marketing databases are the key point of entry in our relationship with our leads. They enable us to produce diversified and multichannel marketing campaigns. We run around 3 campaigns a month, which may contain post, email or telemarketing components. For our marketing to be effective, we have to send our message to the right company and to the right contact, which means that it’s extremely important to have an up-to-date, qualified database.

For you how important is the quality of the data? What impact does it have on your campaigns?

Data is at the heart of what we do. For us to target the right companies, we need to know them inside out so that we can identify their needs and offer them the right products. And to be able to contact them we need their contact details, but we also need to identify which contact will be most receptive to our message. With a well-qualified database, we can significantly increase the ROI of our campaigns.

What does the Sparklane for Marketing solution offer you in terms of performance? What are the benefits for you?

We have been using Sparklane for Marketing for 2 years. We are able to run all our campaigns because of the wealth and range of available data, and the freshness of the data guarantees that these campaigns work. The monthly updates also enable us to ensure excellent quality for our CRM and our sales team also has an improved overview of their catchment area.