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Fabien Gautier

Marketing and Business Development Director

Customer study | Fabien Gautier Equinix

How Equinix generated +30% of qualified leads

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Fabien Gautier, Marketing and Business Development Director at Equinix France, shares his experience of using Sparklane solutions.


More accurate targeting was needed.

Equinix wanted to find a solution providing information about its markets that offered both quantity and high quality. The company was entering a very active marketing phase and really needed to be able to target its markets more accurately.


Two complementary Sparklane solutions

Equinix therefore opted for two complementary solutions: Sparklane for Marketing and Sparklane for Sales. Indeed, with these two packages the company was able to meet both its need for high quality, up-to-date information about its market, and also provide its sales teams with operational intelligence. Together they interface with the CRM and Marketing Automation tools used by Equinix, bringing automation and dynamism to data processing and management.


Fast, positive results

Following the implementation of the Sparklane solutions, Fabien Gautier soon observed two positive results:

  • From a quantitative point of view, Sparklane enabled him to hypertarget his market and so see a clear improvement in returns from the conversion funnel with a 30% increase in leads handled by the sales team.
  • From the qualitative point of view, since Sparklane provides high quality information and market intelligence, this has created a real synergy between the marketing department and sales teams.


In light of the positive results achieved using Sparklane’s solutions, Equinix is considering quickly expanding its market and feeding it with marketing and sales information from Sparklane. Moreover, Fabien Gautier would like his sales department to have direct access to the Sparklane for Sales solution to further boost their performance.