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Charlotte Nizieux

South Europe Marketing

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How Dynatrace is generating more and better qualified leads

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Tell us a little about Dynatrace …

Dynatrace embodies innovation with its first Digital Performance platform that allows businesses and IT professionals to get a snapshot of digital performance in real time.

Dynatrace helps organisations, both small and large, to see their applications and digital channels through the prism of their end users. This means that over 7,500 clients can control the complexity of their applications, improve operational agility and boost their income stream by offering their users out-of-the ordinary experiences.

What was your marketing like before you began working with Sparklane?

Before we adopted Sparklane solutions we were having difficulty finding high quality data and information in our market. We were looking for guaranteed regular updates so that we could be really in touch with our market.

Why Sparklane ?

We opted for Sparklane after testing showed the high quality of data on offer. Indeed we tested the delivery %, the click % but also the response to leads %. The results were highly satisfactory.

Moreover, we were won over by the real time availability of data and information on an on-line platform. This meant we didn’t have to send Excel files on request. With Sparklane we have access to up-to-date information and data for our market whenever we want it!

What solutions did Sparklane offer you?

When we first started working with Sparklane, our need was straightforward: expand the scope of our marketing to reach a maximum of leads with our email marketing campaigns.

We then refined our requests by allocating this data and information according to markets that matched our sales representatives’ catchment areas. From a marketing point of view, this allows us to send relevant messages to a more segmented target. From a sales point of view, this enables us to provide the sales department with wider databases with better targeted leads which improves their performance.

What are the benefits of using Sparklane?

First and foremost, more accurate targeting of our market which has enabled us to further customize our content so we can send out more relevant messages to our leads. Thanks to Sparklane, we have considerably improved the response rate for our marketing campaigns by offering content targeted according to the segment type being addressed.

Secondly, we are generating a greater number of leads and they are more qualified. Indeed, improved targeting has very quickly resulted in a greater number of leads, i.e. contacts that have shown an interest in an offer, an event and so on.

We regularly analyse how our campaigns perform. These studies show the ROI for the data and information provided by Sparklane. Results show a response rate that is far higher than for data and information from other sources.

How do you see yourself working with Sparklane in the future?

The future will involve connecting with our own software to automate our marketing campaigns. We can do this with the Sparklane solution, which is a real plus.

We have just finalized the implementation of the API between Sparklane data and our marketing automation software, Marketo. The tests we’ve done are extremely encouraging:

  • Firstly, by not having to manually import tens of thousands of data rows, we can save time.
  • Then in terms of quality assurance, human error is avoided during the importing process.
  • Finally, the ‘freshness’ of the data and information is guaranteed because with Sparklane they get updated in real time.

For Dynatrace, Sparklane is a genuine partner, helping us day-to-day in our business and making sure that we get our message to the right people.