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Arnaud Guedj

South Europe Online Sales General Manager
Lenovo France

How does Lenovo improve their marketing best practices with Sparklane

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Tell us briefly about your company and what it does…

Lenovo is a Chinese group specialising in IT that was founded in Beijing in 1984. In 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business.

Since 2008, Lenovo has diversified into the mass computer market with its IDEA range. By 2009 over one million IDEAs had been sold. By 2010, Lenovo had sold over 60 million THINKPADs. In 2013, Lenovo also became the world’s third biggest smartphone manufacturer.

In 2015 Lenovo was ranked 100 by Interbrand in its top global brand ranking. According to the IDC market intelligence firm, our global market share stands at 21% with Lenovo considered the global leader in PC sales for 10 consecutive quarters.


What did your marketing/business look like before you started using Sparklane’s marketing solution?

Keen to develop Lenovo’s brand awareness and to extend the reach of our web site and our campaigns, we were on the look-out for B2B marketing solutions that would provide us with comprehensive, qualified and reliable data.

In particular we sell our products online on our commercial site. So we were looking for a marketing solution which would enable us to reach companies from a range of sectors and of varying sizes with our email campaigns. We needed to clearly identify our targets in the French market.


Why Sparklane?

With the contact qualification offered by Sparklane, it was easy for us to conduct tests on different populations and measure the results of these campaigns so we could better target our communications.

Our aim was twofold:

  • To carry out tests on our communications on a database of leads and to confirm our choices for our own databases (tests on databases similar to those of our existing customers);
  • Raise awareness of the Lenovo brand and bring the brand to the forefront during the purchasing phase.


How do you use the Sparklane solution?

Today we use the Sparklane marketing solution to boost online sales. We also use this highly qualified database to test and confirm the impact of our communications. We are building a benchmark using the results history.


What are the benefits for you?

We don’t share figures. That said, having a database of leads, whether or not they are similar to our own customer groups, enables us to compare desire and conversion for the different targets.

Moreover, the Sparklane solution has helped us to make great strides forward. We have noticed an increase in traffic on our commercial website, but also an increase in subscriptions to our newsletters and in online sales.

Indirectly we are also seeing positive results from our own email communications. These have higher opening and conversion rates than was previously the case.

It’s all about a constant quest for performance and we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. Sparklane helps us to keep out in front, there’s no doubt about that.


How do you see yourself working with Sparklane in the future?

We’ll continue to use Sparklane’s marketing solution, no doubt on a bigger sample as the number of leads is increasing.

Sparklane is also showing us the way to develop higher quality communication with better targeting of targets that have yet to be tested.

We are also considering the possibility of offering customized services to businesses going through a period of change (increasing the number of computers, renewal, relocation, etc.). Sparklane also provides solutions for market targeting based on accessing the latest news available about companies. We are currently looking into this.

In addition to quantified results, we have learnt a great deal about marketing ‘best practice’ from using Sparklane. Given the results, we are very satisfied and want to carry on working with Sparklane.