B2B Loyalty

The 5 keys to B2B loyalty

A critical assessment of unexpressed needs, a 4-phase cycle moving from prospecting to relationship maturity, the effective anticipation of weak signals of discontent, and so on… In B2B, client loyalty is so strategic that it is the subject of a wealth of literature describing...
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Infographic | B2B prospecting

Infographic | How to improve your B2B prospecting?

The key to generating higher turnover and developing a company is an effective sales process. But how do you become more effective? What parameters should you know? A very comprehensive infographic, recently published by Kissmetrics, details the levers necessary to optimise B2B...
Infographic | B2B salesman

Infographic: The resurrection of the B2B salesman

We’ve already talked to you on this blog about the famous Forrester report, “ Death of a B2B Salesman ”, which announces that no fewer than 1 million B2B salespeople will lose their jobs in the United States by 2020. This anticipated decrease in B2B salespeople, who are predicted...