scoring and marketing automation

The keys to scoring for your marketing automation

Behavioural scoring is probably the feature that will most (pleasantly) surprise marketing automation novices, whether they are marketers or sellers! But before directly discussing our topic, let’s use a simplified analogy. Let’s imagine that you have just moved and that your son...
data strategy

10 secrets for a successful data strategy

The time has come for the digital transformation of companies. Data has become pivotal for all company activities. It will steer marketing activities while feeding sales representatives with prospects and opportunities. Follow these 10 rules to ensure that your data strategy is...
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The Chief Data Officer, master of data

Responsible for the collection and use of data, the CDO is at the heart of the digital transformation of companies. An emerging role that is already much sought after. The Chief Data Officer is gaining prominence in organisational structures According to a Forrester survey in...
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