5 techniques combining content marketing and automation to identify your sales-ready leads

Marketing Automation is most effective and scalable in B2B markets when you implement rules to identify sales-ready leads using lead scoring and lead grading to identify the interest and fit of your prospects. Writing on the Sparklane blog, Sam Hurley, explains how to create a...
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How to Use Marketing Automation to Your Advantage

Marketing automation is a potent B2B weapon, but it’s not not the sort of weapon that works like a nuclear deterrent. In other words, possessing automation software is no use. You need to make it your lethal weapon, one that you deploy using a variety of attack vectors. That’s...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation for B2B

Every business leader worth their salt is aware of marketing automation and the benefits it can bring. The internet is awash with articles urging B2B sellers to automate their emails, ASAP, to streamline the sales process and to engage with prospects on different stages of the...
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