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Levée de fonds Sparklane

Sparklane raises €4m to bring B2B sales into the Artificial Intelligence era

Paris, 4 April 2017 – Sparklane, a publisher of sales intelligence SAAS solutions (an Artificial Intelligence-based aid to commercial prospecting), enters a new phase in its history as it completes a €4m (£3.4m) funding round with two investment funds: XAnge and Entrepreneur Venture.

In this initiative, XAnge – an historic partner of Sparklane – is joined by the Entrepreneur Venture investment fund. “We were won over by Sparklane’s disruptive positioning and the impressive performance of its management team, prompting us to offer them our renewed support as we participate in this fundraising initiative alongside Entrepreneur Venture,” comments Guilhem de Vregille, Deputy Director of XAnge.

This new investment brings Sparklane’s total financing to 7 million euros (£6m).

Expanding internationally and recruiting talent

This funding round will allow Sparklane to continue to grow in the countries where it is already established (France and the UK) and expand further into Europe, including Germany in particular. The company also intends to continue investing in Artificial Intelligence to develop new solutions and strengthen its sales and R&D teams in order to drive its growth.

This is an exciting stage in our development, and we’re proud to have XAnge and Entrepreneur Venture aboard with us as we continue this adventurous journey. They’ve given us a real vote of confidence, enabling us to accelerate the company’s growth once again. Our goal remains the same: to help marketing and sales people identify their future customers more quickly using Artificial Intelligence,” adds Frédéric Pichard, Founding Chairman of Sparklane..

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to sales teams

Launched in 2009, Sparklane relies on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop its own bespoke prediction algorithms. Its solutions are based on collecting and analysing internal customer data coupled with information from the press, social networks, the web, etc. We collect and analyse millions of data items covering new developments in companies, identifying weak signals which indicate a high probability of a planned purchase. Imagine if your marketing or sales staff could analyse all the latest news from their customers on a daily basis and memorise all that information to identify the point at which a company finally turns all its red lights to green and takes an interest in your product,” explains Frédéric Pichard.

“As digital marketing experts, we are delighted to be working with Sparklane as it enters its next growth stage. We have been impressed by the positive model offered by its solutions, enabling sales and marketing staff to increase their commercial efficiency. These solutions deliver a ROI which, in our opinion, provides an assurance of renewed, viral growth,” says Charles Fossey, Director of Investment at Entrepreneur Venture..

Consultants for this initiative: the Villechenon legal firm

About Sparklane

Sparklane, a publisher of innovative business prospecting solutions, offers an Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform to help sales forces and marketing teams identify relevant markets and increase their business responsiveness by focusing on prospects with higher potential. The start-up company now has nearly 350 clients, most of whom are blue-chip names in the banking, insurance, technology and business services sectors, and is posting an average growth of more than 50% per year. This success has earned a place in Deloitte’s rankings of the 500 most successful technology companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Based in Paris, London and Nantes, it is home to more than 60 talents. For more information, visit

About Entrepreneur Venture

Founded in 2000, Entrepreneur Venture is an independent AMF and AIFM-licensed management company which is owned and managed by its founders, and specialises in unlisted companies. It manages 3 innovation funds, 4 venture capital funds and 27 local investment funds, covering 12 metropolitan areas and managing assets worth more than €600 million (£513m) in total. A major player in SME bond financing, Entrepreneur Venture has completed more than 100 bond issues in the past 3 calendar years. It has been able to develop genuine expertise in this field, notably through its range of venture capital funds, which it has been successfully marketing since 2012. The local investment funds, with their 60% fixed income component, benefit directly from this know-how. The founders of Entrepreneur Venture Management are entrepreneurs with CVs showing years of successful involvement in the various stages of a company’s life: foundation and reorganisation, sale and IPO. The team members have carried out over 150 investment operations, as minority partners, in companies across all sectors (industry, e-commerce, media, technology, services).

About XAnge

XAnge is a Franco-German team of risk capital investors managing 400 millions of Euros (£342m) and investing in start-ups in the digital, high technology and high-impact sectors. XAnge is the innovation brand of the Siparex group, a major player in the French investment capital marketplace.

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