Couverture E-book : Accelerate your sales cycle

E-Book: How to accelerate your sales cycle ?

Every day, we post on Sparklane’s blog articles dealing with sales and marketing topics. Those practical contents are written by our team of authors. Among them some well-known experts such as Dave Chaffey, Sam Hurley, Michael R. Levy, and others. Those articles are posted to...
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E-book : To be a better sales rep

E-Book: How to be a better sales rep ?

At Sparklane, we post everyday articles dealing with sales and marketing topics. Those useful contents are written by our team of contributors. They are posted to help you, as a Sales Rep or Marketer, in the daily practice of your profession. In this new e-Book, you will discover...

How to create the Perfect Lead Scoring Matrix in 5 simple steps

Terms like ‘lead scoring’, ‘net promoter score’ and ‘key performance indicators’ may seem daunting at first — but they are in fact very powerful in determining company success and equally: failure. To run smooth business operations, you need to persistently detect both. Whether...
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7 top tips for improving your B2B sales productivity

7 top tips for improving your B2B sales productivity

Combining the real and digital worlds to achieve success What are my suggestions for improved sales productivity? Last month’s article featured a compendium of advice taken from sales methods we’d previously examined. Although it’s critically important to take...
3 mistakes that kill your B2B sales ! - Sparklane

3 Mistakes that kill your B2B Sales!

Do you want to sell more, faster, and make your sales more profitable? If so, you need to know about three major mistakes most salespeople and companies make! Identify the leaks in your sales pipeline, and you can at last get the sales growth and results you deserve. Mistake...
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How advanced is your sales automation?

The advances in functionality of marketing and sales automation tools over recent years offers many new capabilities for integrating the sales funnel, which were simply impossible to scale without automation. The automatic collection, qualification and grading of leads enables...
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Triggering Your Own Glengarry Leads!

Leads continue to be a bone of contention between sales and marketing with sales reps feeling that most leads aren’t worthy of the name.  B2B sales reps are notorious for ignoring or cherry-picking leads, particularly if they believe that marketing has placed lead quantity above...
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The sales vs marketing war: how do we finally bury the hatchet?

The sales vs. marketing war: how do we finally bury the hatchet?

The never-ending rivalry between marketing and sales departments dies hard. But this entrenched battle is meaningless in the age of omnichannel and social selling. With a few best practices, peace in our time is achievable. Some see it as a sort of Hundred Years’ War....
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5 techniques combining content marketing and automation to identify your sales-ready leads

Marketing Automation is most effective and scalable in B2B markets when you implement rules to identify sales-ready leads using lead scoring and lead grading to identify the interest and fit of your prospects. Writing on the Sparklane blog, Sam Hurley, explains how to create a...
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The Top 6 B2B complex sales methods

How you can combine best practices… and see your sales targets skyrocket Over a six-month period, I wrote six articles on the best sales methods I know. Producing this overview was a real voyage of discovery into complex sales methods and how they can be adapted to...