If you’ve already come on our blog, you might know that we post everyday some articles dealing with sales and marketing topics. Such content, written by our team of contributors (bloggers, marketers, journalists, influencers) are intended to help you, as a Sales Rep or Marketer, and offer insights into topics and key issues regarding the practice of you profession.

In this new Blog Book dedicated to Sales issues, you can read a selection of our most relevant articles on the topic of business development, or “How to boost your sales prospection?”

While reading those detailed contents, you will learn to go beyond buzzwords, such as Big Data and Predictive Analytics, you will learn how to find hidden opportunities via Sales Triggers. You will also discover different tips about CRM, how to get rid of cold calls, how to achieve “smart” prospection on Social Media, the secret of sustained sales performance, some techniques for exploding your B2B sales targets. To sum up, a full range of best practices to help you sell better and sell more!

Discover an excerpt from the blog book:
“How to boost your sales prospection?”